Project Description

Exploring Places with the Place Standard Tool

The Place Standard Tool (PST) provides a set of questions to explore social and environmental dimensions of place from a health perspective. The PST is to foster communication on these issues at the local level among different communities, stakeholders as well as local politicians. Therefore, it meets the need for an integrated participatory approach to healthy urban development. The PST is in use all over Europe and has been applied in different contexts. This module imparts basic knowledge on the concepts of healthy urban development following the WHO Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach aiming at reducing health inequity in cities. In detail the PST with its dimensions and its methodological approach, including different approaches of participatory use of the PST, will be taught. In selected cities in different countries the PST will be applied. In a seminar, insights and results from different countries will be presented and discussed.

Target Group
  • Students

  • Scientists

  • Local people from diverse communities

  • Practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Get to know the Place Standard Tool as an instrument for activating communication on Urban Health

  • Knowing about the HiAP approach

  • Getting an international comparative view on healthy urban development

Participation Requirements

Language skills: depending on the local focus group (German, English or any other language).

Dates online
  • 30th November ❘ 4:30-5:30 pm ❘ Seminar with all groups

Dates local
  • 23rd November. ❘ 1-5 pm ❘ German Local Focus Group

  • tbc ❘ International Focus Groups

The dates listed above are an essential part of this event and learning offer. The number of possible participants in the event dates listed above is limited to 15 persons per group. Therefore, a binding registration for this event is required.

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Digital Media

In addition, starting 15th November accessible online educational offers will be freely available here:
Digital media for self-learning and for introduction to the topics and learning content of the online and face-to-face sessions.

  • Videocasts

  • Online-Quiz

  • Collaborative Learning via Messenger


Event Location
Online/digital, different places

HS Gesundheit Bochum and Landeszentrum Gesundheit Nordrhein-Westfalen

German, English, other

max. 15 per local focus group


30th November: 4:30-5:30 pm

23rd November: 1-5 pm; Witten, Germany and different local focus groups


Prof. Dr. habil. Heike Köckler and Dr. Odile Mekel are in charge of this course.

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