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Co-Creation Approach for Healthy and Sustainable Neighbourhoods: The Example of Nature-Based Solutions

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  • 25th November ❘ 4-6 pm ❘ Seminar

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Urban green spaces are necessary for developing healthy and sustainable cities. Benefits of Nature-based solutions (NbS) that increase the amount and quality of urban green go beyond environmental aspects (noise/air pollution mitigation) and have positive impact on mental health, active lifestyles and social cohesion. However, there is a need for the transdisciplinary co-creation processes including multidisciplinary partners and local community to ensure that different population groups use NbS and that health, social and environmental benefits are maximised. The Horizon2020 project CLEVER Cities (2018-2023) focuses on the development of NbS in deprived areas to address health, socio-economic and ecological challenges in a transdisciplinary co-creation approach. This session will make participants familiar with: NbS and their relation to urban health and sustainability, co-creation process (benefits and challenges) and lessons learned from the CLEVER Cities project.

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Universität Duisburg-Essen

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Dr.-Ing. Julita Skodra is in charge of this course.

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