Project Description

Exploring Physical Activity in Open Space with Photo-Voice

Physical activity in open space is on the agenda of health promotion and prevention. WHO promotes in its corresponding Global Action Plan activity in everyday life and open space. The relevance of urban form and infrastructure as determinants of physical activity including active mobility, sports and play are evident. Photo Voice is a method that offers an explorative approach for participatory spatial analysis. Photos can express specific views of people with different background and previous knowledge. In this module, photos on physical activity in open space are collected individually. Afterwards in a focus group discussion the SHOWED approach is used to explicit the perspectives collected by the photos and to convey it into action oriented findings. In this module, the Photo Voice approach is used as an application of the DiPS_Lab. In this module different groups explore open spaces around the world separately and bring the views together in an integrated seminar.

Target Group
  • Students

  • Scientists

  • Local people from diverse communities

  • Practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Get to know the relevance of physical activity in open space for health promotion and prevention

  • Get to know PhotoVoice as participatory method

  • Knowing basic function of Kobo-Toolbox as a DiPS method

  • Getting an international comparative view on physical activity in open space

Participation Requirements

Language skills: depending on the local focus group (German, English or any other language).

Dates online
  • 08th December. ❘ 3-5 pm ❘ Joined Closing Session

Dates local
  • 19th November ❘ 4-5 pm ❘ Local Focus Group Germany

  • tbc ❘ Local Focus Groups

The dates listed above are an essential part of this event and learning offer. The number of possible participants in the event dates listed above is limited to 15 persons per group. Therefore, a binding registration for this event is required.

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Digital Media

In addition, starting 15th November accessible online educational offers will be freely available here:
Digital media for self-learning and for introduction to the topics and learning content of the online and face-to-face sessions.

  • Videocasts

  • Online-Quiz

  • Collaborative Learning via Messenger


Event Location:
Online/digital, different places

HS Gesundheit Bochum, Hochschule Bochum

German, English, other

max. 15 per local focus group


08th December: 3-5 pm

19th November: 4-5 pm, Bochum, Germany and different local focus groups


Prof. Dr. habil. Heike Köckler and Prof. Dr. Petra Schweizer-Ries are in charge of this course.

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